Design Thinking workshop

Design Thinking is a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues with the intent of an improved future result. It is a methodology for actualizing your concepts and ideas. Design Thinking attempts to inspire the essential element of creativity, the ability to take an abstract idea and create something with it. It is based upon the fundamental belief that an unexecuted idea is a worthless proposition and that doing is equally as valuable as thinking.
Benefits: Immerse yourself in a new experience and let new ideas take over during a 60 min session guided by experts.

Innovation that matters

The 60 min session begins like a traditional lecture, with a content leader on stage presenting an idea to an audience seated at round tables. After 5 - 10 min, the lecture stops and a room wide discussion begins. The presenter becomes the facilitator, volleying your comments and questions around the room and letting the you steer the session.
Benefits: You drive your own learning. There is as much knowledge in the audience as there is onstage.

Jam sessions

Typically scheduled at the end of the day/themed block with members grouped by area of expertise or track they attended. Attendees sit in rounds, with a discussion initiated by a facilitator who provides leading questions to help reinforce key concepts and recurring themes that stood out during the day. Participants are then regrouped based on their biggest takeaway, allowing them to engage in highly targeted conversations specific to their priorities.
Benefits: At content rich events, you need the time to process, reflect and digest the information you gained. The session takes a step back and allows you to decompress.

Fish bowl

Attendees stand facing each other on two concentric circles. Those in the outer circle pose a question to their counterparts in the inner circle, who then provide feedback based on their own experience. After 5 min, the two circles shift to the right or left and the process repeats.
Benefits: This is your chance to hear multiple views on the same subject from a variety of people.

World Café sessions

The World Café sessions start with a captivating 10 min teaser covering each topic. Each World Café table is assigned a specific topic and the conversation is led by a moderator. In a stimulating work atmosphere the participants interactively discuss new perspectives and ideas. The solutions and results are illustrated on paper . After 30 min the World Café session ends and the participants move on to the next World Café table.
Benefits: In up to six sessions you will experience intense discussions, share innovative ideas and identify practical solutions.


Attendees have the chance to set their own agenda and get to the point of the topics that lay closest to their heart. This is the chance to discuss issues of current or future projects without any preset agenda.
Benefits: Decision makers get together in small groups and discuss roadmaps, potential project plans and scenarios in an intimate and unstructured environment.


Our Icebreaker session consists of small round tables with speakers, business partners and attendees where everyone has the chance to discuss the main challenges and cutting edge topics of the conference in a relaxed atmosphere.
Glass in hand, make your way around our round tables and get to know each other. Enjoy food and drinks at the opening of the conference, break the ice and get the show on the road.



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you.CONECT is a business division of we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH, a trendsetting, international and independent business network provider. Our aim is to provide all the support tools to help you make all the right long term, mission critical decisions in today’s highly complex and global markets.

Basing our expertise and experience on fine tuning innovative formats, becoming part of our community enables you to gain exclusive access to:

  • Corporate cross business networks
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  • Efficient and inspiring business platforms

The you.CONECT platform specialises in high level business events that are designed to bring you closer to the people you need to meet on critical topics to network, learn and define the future of the industry.

Our process
Every you.CONECT event is created from the industry for the industry. In depth industry research with key influencers results in up to date events that hot the latest challenges and opportunities head on.

We are always keeping an eye on the most interesting markets and have become experts in spotting upcoming and disruptive trends. Through thorough evaluation of investment potential and market size we gain market insights that lead us to develop customised business networks for our clients. Taking it one step further, we actively work with our clients and audience to ensure clever buyer-seller matchmaking and foster a community feeling throughout the meetings.


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